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The beast eating up humanity

Preventing domestic violence is everyone's responsibility

By Norma Allen Akullo

There is that bickering and wondering that fills the air in minds eyes. It is fuelled by suspicious feelings and unfounded evidence. That mysterious Mr or Ms Rumours increase the flame of rage taking up the position of love in the hearts of man. Many say the reasons have been recorded in different places and anecdotes to varying degrees of responsibilities but the goings on reflect a lacking of either will or interest to tackle the beast.

Perhaps there needs to be a curriculum in minds eyes to lecture respect for love. Or should I say lack of respect for ones’ self makes it impossible for one to accord respect to a fellow like minded human who sleeps right next to his or her nose, share the same bed and body? The heart piercing cries are echoing all over. The gut wrenching un-civility of men so huge they could singly defend our clan of terror is instead becoming a deafening melody in this God damned community.

They say the “so called vulnerable women and their children” have become daily customers to the fangs of these reptile men with it’s claws scratching and upon God’s healing, the beautiful tattoos are left on their faces. God’s people, how can the ‘head’ miss out on this believe that an African woman understands when punched on like a prey? Have we lost the sting of sympathy? Maybe some day we shall report to our maker and say “Our father in heaven, we now look at fellow humans as apes. Thy kingdom comes rescue us from these scenes of terror. For your children need mothers and fathers of integrity and dignity.”

Anyway, though it all appears to be dome and gloom, there are always a bunch of staring sympathetic faces like toothless bucking dogs. The designed laws of abidance are always broken, many culprits still in walked cages. How in God’s world are all these stories seemingly of innocent humans yet the beautiful tattoos on my mother’s battered face reigns forever more.

Lord, have mercy, we pray. Yet again, when will the uncontrollable tears stop rolling upon her cheeks? The blows, kicks, punches, the flogging! These will stop when every woman is a potential source of happiness in her home.

Yes, both you and me can end this cycle of domestic violence.

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