FEMJOF – Uganda’s overall objective is to empower female journalists to practice good journalism and bring out voices of vulnerable and underrepresented communities in Uganda and use our different medium to cause positive change in the society. Our work is to among other;

  1. To coach and mentor female journalists to stay in the newsrooms and evolve as leaders of tomorrow’s gender balanced news space. Where possible, we support and offer opportunities for further learning and career growth.
  2. To offer counseling services to female journalists to care for their mental health and help them deal with daily life situations and anxieties due to newsroom pressures.
  3. To provide security and well-being to training to empower female journalists to become today’s good journalists who will change the narratives of the underrepresented in traditional media especially women in our society.
  4. To feature a more complete three-dimensional reporting about gender, women and diversity instead of traditional reporting that presents them only as victims.
  5. Provide digital safety training to female journalists and third year students at they universities and tertiary institutions who are about to join the newsroom.